12 Secluded Italian Lakes for Soothing Vaycay

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It’s cold and calm. The place has hypnotized you to look within yourself. Welcome to the Italian lakes. Introduces you to extraordinary scenic beauty and calmness like no other. The madness which calms the chaos, the Italian lakes.

The place offers you peace and a sense to look for more into this small yet explorable world. Aside from the beauty of these lakes, there are several activities which you can do, like mountain biking and boat trips which makes it a good escape if you are planning to go with the kids and family.

If you plan to have a good escape, then the Italian lakes holiday is something you should go for. From lake garda to lake Maggiore, every lake gives you an unforgettable experience. Now let’s see more about these beautiful lakes.

List Of Italian Lakes you should Visit

1. Lake Garda

One of the most famous lakes, Lake Garda, is situated in northern Italy and serves as an excellent destination for tourists with great views of spectacular islands. The lake is also one of the largest and is an absolute beauty. The islands which are in lake garda are :

  • Isola del Garda
  • Isola San Biagio
  • Isola dell’ Olivo
  • Isola di Sogno

Each of these Islands has its relevance and serves as quite a tourist spot, they are beautiful, and it will be an even more amazing and unique experience if you get a chance to visit any of them.

Italian Lakes
Image by Sabrina Schlich from Pixabay

One of them, Isola del Garda, is a private island; if you wish to visit, prior permission is necessary before you go there. This place is just for you if you want to surf and have nice boat trips. Other than that, everything is super beautiful. Lake Garda might be the escape you are looking for.

2. Lake Como

This charming lake in northern Italy is a sight to behold. The place has beautiful villas and houses. It has famous hotels and if you have a chance to visit this place, well, lucky you!!

The place is visited by many celebrities and attracts tourists from all over the world. The place is just a treat for your eyes, and a cup of cappuccino or a fine wine with a beautiful lake view is heavenly for your eyes and your heart. Maybe you can catch a celebrity’s eye here because many have villas. Beautiful place in every way with historic mansions and views, so wow.

Italian Lakes
Image by Sergio Cerrato – Italia from Pixabay

3. Lake Maggiore

The location of the second largest lake in northern Italy and Switzerland is amazing because of the scenic views and the 1-hour distance from Lake Como. The place is spectacular, and you can have a fairly good time with a car or a cruise.

With its wide coastline and amazing island, this is a dream come true for many travelers and tourists who have an affinity for beautiful yet not rushed or chaotic places. If you want to enjoy the full beauty of a lake with mesmerizing views and fine food and restaurants, this might be the place for you.

Italian Lakes
Image by Martin from Pixabay

4. Borromean islands

On the west side of Lake Maggiore, a group of three islands is known as the Borromean islands and serves as a great place for vacation tourists. If you go to lake Maggiore, then a visit to these islands is just called for. The climate is great. Every island offers you a unique and great experience. Altogether these islands are just a treat for you. Let us see what these islands offer:

  • Isola Bella is a masterpiece by the architects appointed by the Borromeo family, who transformed this island into this beautiful paradise. The Baroque palace makes this place famous, and the whole island is just a masterpiece of art and architecture. The Italian gardens and view of the island are just mesmerizing and majestic in every sense you see. Isola Bella has a great vibe, the history represented through the palace, and the way they are made make this place a must-go. If you have a chance to visit Lake Maggiore, you must visit this island and see what this beautiful island beholds for you.
Italian Lakes
Image by Th G from Pixabay
  • Isola Dei Pescatori is a calm and traditional island of Lake maggiore and has like 50 people living here. The place is quiet, and fish restaurants and the classic lanes of this place give you a vibe completely different from any other place you have ever been. The nights are soft, and the lights stay in your head with so much calmness in the atmosphere. Only two hotels here, so better secure your rooms beforehand.
Italian Lakes
Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay
  • Isola Madre is the largest of the three islands and is a spectacle with green lunch gardens and immense varieties of plants which are present there. The place is a paradise for garden lovers, and the whole island is so beautiful and makes you want to dive into the grass preset there. The Austere palace present oozes history and art, the rooms are great, and the designs are just too good for this overwhelmed heart. You have a chance to visit this island, go for it.

5. Lake Orta

This UNESCO world heritage site is present near this treat for the eyes lake, which was built around the 17th century, and the chapels present there have paintings and sculptures which are just breathtaking.

Italian Lakes
Image by Fabio Valeggia from Pixabay
  • Isola San Giulio

This island belongs to one of the Italian lakes lake Orta is a religious place with chapels and nuns with a Benedictine convent. The statues in chapels are great, and the pretty villages you should go to are a great exploring piece for your journey. The place is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites and is preserved in every way. The location is peaceful, and well you should just come here and see the wondrous villages and the mighty chapels. Great place to be here, don’t miss it.

6. Lake Bracciano

Well, the lake had its birth from a volcanic explosion. The place is beautiful as always, the villages have a nice atmosphere, and everything surrounding it is mesmerizing.

The place offers various kinds of water sports, and you sure will enjoy it if you want to enjoy sports activities related to water. The castle is beautiful and will be a spectacle for your eyes if you wish to see it. You want to go for a boat trip and have a good swim; this is the place your eyes should be.

Overall, exceptionally magnificent vibe and views with water sports. Could you take it to friends or family? This place is worth every single minute you visit. Do go for it if you get a chance.

7. Lake Iseo

Another one of the beautiful Italian lakes, this lake in Northern Italy, will most likely never escape your heart when you visit it. The lake view is amazing, the location is close to Milan, and if you want to hang around in Milan and then enjoy this scenic view, giving you more options. The place is calm and peaceful.

Lake Iseo’s world is a multiverse of life and serenity. The forests are just amazing and brimming with life like the place around the Lake. You have a chance to visit this place, go for it without any second thought.

8. Lake Ledro

With crystal clear water and amazing forests on the sidelines looking upon you, caring for you, this place melts your heart. You can swim or have a boat and enjoy the lake. You want to go for a hike, well this place offers that too because of the forests. You can hike all you want, swim all you want, the sceneries are perfect and the location is calm and peaceful.

One of the best Italian lakes to visit. It is close to lake garda and is around 6.2 miles which is tight. You can enjoy two lakes in a short period and have good fun adventure activities while you are at it. Do go for it.

9. Lake Bolsena

One of the largest volcanic lakes in Europe. The lake is on a volcanic crater and looks completely different. With nice black soil and bird watching, this lake offers a different kind of view than the rest of the others.

The long beaches will soothe your blue heart with more life. With the black sand beneath your feet and heart-tempting volcanic beaches, this place will surely give you a great memorable time. You can also have a good trip to different churches and ruins on its two islands. The location is a complete package of scenery and history. Enjoy this place to the fullest with water activities to bird watching, a must-visit.

Italian Lakes
Image by VĂN HỒNG PHÚC BÙI from Pixabay

10. Lake Trasimeno

The wine and the lake, this Italian lake is amazing with crimson sunsets by the lake. You can have a glass of wine from the vineyards. The lake’s peaceful view while sipping fine wine is just a great feeling.

The sunsets are just the view you are looking for when you visit this place if not for the wine and the food. The lake is muddy, and the water doesn’t escape. The place offers you a great escape, and you should try it.

11. Lake Lugano

This is a perfect escape for your friends and family for a vacation with amazing art galleries, wholesome food, and a touch of beauty from the scenic view. The wine tasting with amazing vineyards and gourmet Italian cheese is what your taste buds needs.

The lake is a sight to behold among the Italian lakes, and with the addition of surrounding mountains where you can have a good bike ride, this place keeps good surprises thrown at you. The town is a great place to walk around and enjoy the house, the beautiful lanes with the touch of Italy in them.

The local shops are great. You can have a good stroll among them and the place, the lake, the food, wine, art, afraid you might fall in love with the area too much.

Italian Lakes
Image by Santiago Imperatrice from Pixabay

12. Lago di Braies

One of the most overwhelming Italian lakes, situated South of Tyrol with lush green mountain scenery and soothing lake vibes, offers you a sweet escape into the heaven of calmness. The place can be visited any time of the year and has given you a chance at hiking activities or just a stroll with a boat on the lake.

The mountains and their peaks rile up a sense of adventure when you walk up to this place, go for this place, amazing and majestic. The mountain views are great. You can have a great vacation at this place any time of the year.


The Beauty of the Italian lakes is overwhelming for the eyes and the heart who experience or want to experience it. From Lake garda to lake Orta, lake Como every single one of them offers experiences like no other.

The lakes are amazing. From enjoying water sports to scenic beauties, hiking towards magnificence, these lakes offer you the explosion of life and peace, which you should go for. The nearby islands, from Lake Orta to Lake garda, every single one of them also has a uniqueness that is yet to be explored by your hands. The Italian lakes holidays waits for you with open arms.

You won’t be disappointed in the world of lakes, the world of wonders. Visit these Italian lakes.










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