12 Best Places in Spain to Add in your Bucket List


Spain is a very known country in Europe. The country Spain is known for many things such as art, delicious food, and some of the most famous festivals where you will find locals and tourists. There are so many beautiful places in Spain to keep in account and absorb their different engaging cultures. But what makes the country unique is it covers 17 autonomous regions.

Food is a valuable part of Spain. Other than places, the food and culture of Spain are very important to its people. People in Spain believe that eating alone is not a good thing but sharing the food and striving for different types of dishes is the best solution to live your life to the fullest.

Due to the various regions and delightful places we can find a variety of dishes prepared with several ingredients. Some common ingredients in dishes are thyme, olive oil, and, most importantly, seafood. As the biggest producer of olive oil, it is obvious how much these Spanish people love food in Spain.

There are so many good places to visit in Spain. To manifest its uniqueness, here are some best places to visit in Spain.

12 Wonderful Places to explore in Spain

  1. Madrid

  2. Barcelona

  3. Ibiza

  4. Valencia

  5. Basque country

  6. Santiago De Compostela

  7. Granada

  8. Balearic islands

  9. Bilbao

  10. San Sebastian

  11. Seville

  12. Gran Canaria

1. Madrid

Places in Spain
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Starting the list of best places to visit in Spain with Madrid. The capital city of Spain, Madrid, is one of the most popular cities for tourists. It is one of the best places to visit in Spain. It is the second largest city in the European Union. It is famous for its art, historic buildings, and parks. The list of places to visit in Madrid never ends, but there are some places one should check.

2. Barcelona

Places in Spain
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Barcelona is a city in Spain recognized for its art, architecture, best football team, beaches, and cuisine. The city is the most popular place to visit in Spain, like Madrid. The city is home to a rich culture and is a big attraction for tourists and visitors. We can find many places to explore here, for instance, the Casa Batllo, Serra De Collserola mountains, and Park Guell.

More interestingly, you will see beautiful architecture made by Antoni Gaudi, a UNESCO world heritage site. Barcelona city is also famous for hosting international sports events.

2.1 Let’s prey in La Sagrada Familia.

Beginning the tour of la Sagrada Familia. It is a church building in Barcelona, Spain. It is the largest roman catholic church in Barcelona but what makes it extraordinary is that this church is unfinished. Sagrada Familia is designed by Antoni Gaudi. The construction of this church was initiated in 1882, but after the death of Antoni in 1926, the construction came to a halt.

2.2 The unique style of Architecture

Sagrada Familia is among the best places to visit in Spain and is famous for its structure made by Antoni Gaudi, representing his unique architectural style. Another masterpiece designed by Antoni is Casa Batllo. Casa Batllo is a UNESCO world heritage site located in the heart of Barcelona.

2.3 Climb the Mountain

All the places in Spain than Architecture and art, the Serra de Collserola mountain range in Barcelona, Spain, can be your next stop. You can enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona above and capture the scenery. All these above places are worth visiting in Spain.

3. Ibiza

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the best places to visit in Spain. Ibiza is famous for its nightlife and e-dance music clubs. The island has attracted a huge number of tourists over the years. Usually, the weather in Ibiza is hot but cozy and mild throughout the year.

The interesting part is it rains a lot in Ibiza during winters and less in summers. Being surrounded by water, the hot weather becomes comfortable here.

3.1 What to Speak?

You can see most of the tourists in the capital city of Ibiza, Ibiza town. The native language of Ibiza is Catalan. However, other languages like German, French, English, and Italian are also spoken due to the increasing density of tourists in Ibiza.

3.2 Swim in Cala Tarida

As counted in places popular tourist destination, Ibiza island has around 40 to 50 beaches to visit in Ibiza, and there are some best beaches to visit. Cala Tarida is one of those 50 beaches in Ibiza. Located on the west coast, Cala Tarida is known for white sand. Another beach in Ibiza is Benirras. Benirras is located on the northwest coast of the island.

4. Valencia

Valencia is a great city in Spain. The city is situated on the southeast coast of Spain. Valencia is the capital of the autonomous community and is located on the shore of Turia.

Places in Spain
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4.1 Where to Start?

Valencia cathedral, sandy beaches, old town, and many other places to enjoy your time in Spain. Valencia has one of the largest historic centers in Spain. Valencia is known as the city of art and science.

Starting with Valencia cathedral, a roman church in Valencia, Spain. This cathedral has many paintings from the 15th century. Locals paint some. Next, to visit Spain. Valencia’s old town can be your better place. Enjoying this walk is the best option in the city’s heart where the old town can be seen. 

4.2 Let’s buy some fresh fruits and Vegetables.

The largest market in Europe full of fresh fruits and vegetables is the central market in Valencia, Spain. The market has more than 1000 stalls loaded with meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, cheese, seafood, and so on.

The location of this market and the structure of the buildings, everything about this will make you visit this place to remember the Mediterranean energy.

After the central market, there is one more place you cannot miss. Some of the best beaches in Europe can be found in Valencia. The sandy beaches of Valencia are the best thing to do in the summer and the best place to visit in Spain.

5. Basque Country

The Basque country is a term given to the Basque people. The Basque country is situated between France and Spain and on the shore of the Bay of Biscay. The Basque people majorly speak Basque and other two languages: Spanish and French.

It is one of Spain’s most visited places. Due to its location, this seaside place is mostly humid and got, but it is the greenest part of Spain. The word basque has many meanings and isn’t very easy to pronounce because of different languages and dialogues.

However, some people basque don’t like to be called basque people because the basque country is where the two countries Spain and France differ. Some people in the Basque country are French, and some are from Spain.
There are many famed footballers in the Basque country like Andoni Zubizarreta. The Basque country is also known for some popular sportsmen in sports like football, rugby, cycling, and surfing. Of all these sports, football is Basque’s most popular and main game.

6. Santiago De Compostela

The city of Spain Santiago de Compostela is a very famous city and one of the best places in Spain. These are a total of three holy cities in the world.

The main language spoken in the city is Galician other than this language, Spanish is also a common language here. Portuguese is related to Galician, so it is easy to understand the talk in Santiago. Santiago De Compostela is humid and cozy for the weather here. However, it rains quite a bit more than in other cities, as the city is not too far from the coast, so it rains basically throughout the year. 

6.1 A tour to meet Saint James

Places in Spain
Image source: pixabay

The tour to enjoy this city starts with the cathedral in Santiago De Compostela, Galicia, Spain. This cathedral is known for its burial locale of the great saint James, pilgrimage, and walk.

It is the most prominent spiritual building in Spain. People worldwide come here for religious purposes to find peace and calmness of mind. Camino De Santiago is a famous pilgrimage route to St. James in the cathedral of this city. This makes this cathedral one of the most interesting places in Spain.

6.2 Marquez da Alameda Park

Parque da Alameda is a park in Santiago De Compostela, Spain. This is a beautiful place for a family picnic. Inside the park, there are two churches and statues. This park is not as big as Retiro Park in Madrid but big enough to explore and take a walk. Alameda park is a park with memorable monuments with a garden inside.

7. Granada

Granada city is a favorite attraction for tourists and one of the best places to visit in Spain. This city is known for its amazing architecture and wonderful places in Spain to visit. The culture of Granada includes a mixture of Muslims, Catholics, and Buddhists.

7.1 History of Islamic Architecture

Places in Spain
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One of the best places to visit in Granada is the Alhambra palace. It is the most famous monument in Islamic architecture in the whole world. Alhambra palace is known for being the best-maintained place in the history of Islam. In previous years this palace was used as a royal dwelling in Granada.

7.2 The Moorish Architecture

The Generalife is a palace in Granada. Located not too far from the Alhambra palace. It is the most prominent Moorish architecture and one of the most popular places in Spain. This clears that there is nothing in Spain without architecture and design.

8. Balearic Islands

The capital of the Balearic Islands is Palma. This group of islands undertakes many islands, but the four main isles that have attracted tourists are Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca, and Formentera. They are incredible places in Spain to visit and enjoy quality time. Catalan and Spanish are the two languages people speak here very fluently.

8.1 The party Spot!

The above four islands are known to be the highlight of Balearic islands as they are the reason for tourism. The Balearic islands follow the same culture as the rest of Spain, with a little bit of Balearic details.

It is a tourist attraction because people from around the world come here to party and clubbing and not only party lovers but also the DJs and event organizers.

One of the best places in Spain and known islands in the Balearic is Mallorca. This place has hundreds of beaches, and all of them are breathtaking.
The capital of the Balearic islands, Palma, is where you will find more interesting things like a cathedral, the royal palace, and the Palma aquarium. However, you can escape this place without the taste of Sobrassada and lobster stew.

The first food, Sobrassada, is a special sausage in Balearic. It is made with pork and a mix of some spices. The other dish is a lobster stew, which tastes like a freshly cooked lobster in a refreshing soup.

9. Bilbao

Bilbao is a city in Spain. It is located in the north of Spain near the Bay of Biscay. It is a coastal city in Spain surrounded by mountains. Bilbao city’s port is important in Spain. Basque and Spanish are the languages people speak here. Bilbao is one of the largest cities in Spain.

This city is known for its architecture, buildings, and dozens of museums. Over the years, Bilbao city has become an industrialized city. The city hall of Bilbao is located in the old town where live music, dance, and theatre take place.

9.1 The world-famous Guggenheim Museum

Places in Spain
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The list of popular places to visit in Bilbao starts with the Guggenheim Museum. The world-famous and one of the most famous places in Spain, the Guggenheim museum was designed by architect Frank Gehry. This art museum has around 600 artworks.

The city of Bilbao has a famous historic market called Erribera meerkat, which is counted among the famous places in Spain where you can find food, seafood, meat, and much more food to eat.

10. San Sebastian

One of the best places to visit in Spain, San Sebastian, is where we need to stop and admire the amazement of this city. This city is also located on the bay of Biscay, Basque country, Spain.

The name of this city is also called Donostia-San Sebastian. It is known for its delicious food and has an inkling of Basque cuisine. It is also famous for having Michelin stars. This city is very popular with tourists. Like the rest of Basque, people in San Sebastian fluently speak the oldest language of Europe, Basque. This has made vast tourism and becomes a prominent tourist destination.

10.1 A small plate or a Full Course?

Places in Spain
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As the food takes priority, you will find most dishes prepared with seafood in the top restaurants and even locally. Even the national dish of Spain, paella, is a seafood dish found in all the places in Spain. The first food to try is pintxos, the name of this food can be hard to pronounce, but the taste will amaze you. Pintxo is a small amount of plate or portion made with a piece of bread and topped with cooked meat or vegetables. Another dish to try here is bacalaitos which is a deep-fried codfish. This dish is served as a snack or a side dish along with the Full meal.

10.2 Beach or Moon?

The beaches here in San Sebastian are very popular, and one of them is la concha beach at the bay of la concha. La Concha beach is a very popular urban beach in San Sebastian. Resorts surround this beach, and its clear water and beautiful scenery are enough to attract people to enjoy summer.

What makes this beach more interesting is its shape. The curves of this beach look like a half moon but are covered in sand. This place is among the best places to visit and collect memories.

11. Seville

Seville is a named city and one of the popular places in Spain. It is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Seville is the largest city in Andalusia and is named of the largest cities in Spain. This city is famous for its architecture and flamenco dance. The city is located near the Guadalquivir river. The weather in Seville is something everyone talks about most of the summer.

It is hot and humid in summer and is the hottest city in Spain. On the other hand, winters in Seville are mild with some rain.

11.1 Dress up to Dance!

There are some things and best places to visit in Seville we must visit to experience the culture and joy of this city. The famous flamenco dance is a very known dance in Spain and worldwide. Originating in Andalusia, flamenco represents joy, sadness, love, and passion.

The Royal Alcazar of Seville is a glorious palace. This palace is the oldest royal palace in Europe that still operates.

12. Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria is an island and is located in the Atlantic Ocean. The numerous adventures and activities of this island are perfect for a holiday.

Gran Canaria is among those wonderful places in Spain with many things to see and explore. Las Palmas de gran Canaria is the capital of Gran Canaria. Here in the capital, you can enjoy the beaches surrounding the capital city and take satisfaction in duty-free shopping.


All the places in Spain, including beaches, islands, mountains, restaurants, etc., are something one should never miss while traveling to Spain. Every single stop makes the trip to Spain from Granada to gran Canaria memorable.

The places above clearly show that in Spain, architecture is important and everything that makes the city or the country worth visiting. Just like places, the culture of Spain and the food of Spain is really valuable to the people of Spain. Not only places in Spain but there are popular castles in Spain to visit. To know about Spain castles, check out the 12 most exciting castles in Spain.

The national dish and one of the most popular dishes, paella, lives in Spain’s heart of every city. The flavorful dishes are one of the reasons tourists travel and come to Spain. One of the main reasons to travel to Spain is the culture and its people; both are delightful to see. From the places in Spain to visit to learn the culture, everything here will make your in Spain a bit more.

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