12 Best Brixton Market Restaurants To Enjoy Your Vacations

Brixton market restaurants
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Brixton is one of the most-enticing food destinations in London. Brixton Market restaurants offer a range of cuisines, some old and some new, and some new-wave operators.

And if you are planning to visit Brixton in London, then here’s a guide to the best Brixton Market restaurants to feast in one of the city’s liveliest neighborhoods, where diners can enjoy Caribbean curries, fragrant Persian Kuku, and great handmade dumplings all within a stone’s throw of each other.

Brixton Village is a jewel in the crown of the south London district that once was known for its high crime rate and pervading associations with riots of the 1980s. Now Brixton Village Market has made its own identity with its famous food.

You may get diverse cuisine from Europe, India, East Asia, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as cheddar and cheese shops, on each side of Atlantic Road at the two covered markets of Brixton Village and Brixton’s Market Row.

Brixton Market Restaurants

The following list includes the Top 12 Restaurants in Brixton Market that you’ll want to try.

1. O Cantina De Portugal

Whenever you plan to visit Brixton and thinking of where to enjoy your dinner, O Cantina De Portugal is the best option out there. O Cantina De Portugal is undoubtedly the best option to eat at one of the best Brixton Market Restaurants.

This place gives you authentic Portuguese vibes with a wide range of seafood options that include garlicky grilled prawns, grilled pork along with chicken dishes.

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Here you will enjoy the food based on their three theories of operation, which means the way they offer food is quite different from other restaurants:

Traditional Portuguese Food:

Their cuisine transports you back in time to Portugal! Only the freshest and most genuine Portuguese cuisine is served at O Cantina de Portugal. So get ready to indulge in the best Portuguese cuisine imaginable here.

Served With Care:

The establishment is a family-run operation, and this is clear from the way it operates. They take great pride and attention in every interaction with their clients.

Located in Little Portugal:

With an abundance of 20 years of expertise, O Cantina de Portugal is a reputable restaurant.

Visit one of the best restaurants in Brixton Market to spend a memorable occasion with friends and family.

2. Balance

When you plan to visit Brixton Market and wish to enjoy food at one of the best Brixton Market Restaurants, then Balance is one of the options where you have the safe option of dining. Balance is the longest-established coffee shop and its owner is Ali who is expanding his business these days as now he provides coffee beans also.

The Balance, which was founded in 2014, has firmly established the pace for Ferndale Road. It offers superfood juices, smoothies, and specialty coffee. Both single-origin and blended coffee can be ordered from Balance.

This restaurant is owned by a married couple that thrives off providing tasty coffee brewed by their experienced and trained baristas to give their guests the best flavors from their coffee suppliers, with simple welcoming customer service.

Apart from coffee, they serve their guests great food and a variety of smoothies and juices made of fresh fruits. So, this place is heaven for healthy eaters.

So whenever you visit Brixton Village, see this amazing place and get a cup of coffee and your choice of coffee beans.

3. Hacha

I hope you must be aware of Dalston agaveria Hacha award winners Deano Moncrieffe and Emma Murphy. This duo after setting their success in stone now they opened another branch of Hacha in Brixton which somehow resembles the first one but with two extra floors.

Here, you may savor Mexican cuisine together with a top-notch bar that offers a list of 25 tequilas and mezcals that can be consumed on their own as well. Together with French cheeses, charcuterie, tartines, and seasonal specialties, the wine bar also offers an intriguing selection of small-grower sparkling wines.

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One unique feature of this location is that it will be shuttered once a week to host a free community day that will provide training, mentorship, talks, and hands-on workshops in collaboration with Deano’s organization Equal Measures, which gives underrepresented BAME communities in the hospitality industry the tools they need to grow.

Thus, while in Brixton, make sure to check out one of the best Brixton Market restaurants.

4. Agile Rabbit

Agile Rabbit is on the list of well-known restaurants in Brixton Market. Agile Rabbit is modeled after the cabaret bar Lapin Agile in Paris. Live jazz music is played in the background as customers eat pizza and other small dishes at Agile Rabbit, a restaurant that opened in 2010.

This place offers amazing food with great hospitality where you can enjoy your meals with office workers and hospitality staff on your lunch breaks. The basis for the pizzas is hand-pulled sourdough, and your choice of scrumptious toppings is added to the excellent handmade tomato sauce. For a quick supper, while traveling, many people visit this location.

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If you’re lucky, they’ll give you the option of the corner (which has extra crust) or the middle when you order the pizza, which would be sold by the slice or pie. The pizza is served to steam hot and oozing with cheese (additional toppings).

Also, if you are hesitant to try new foods, you should get their traditional Margherita or a salty slice of the AOCA (Anchovies, Olives, Capers, Aubergine). And in 2017, a wine shop that sells low-intervention, organic, and biodynamic wines also opened up close to the restaurant.

5. Honest Burger

This amazing British burger chain restaurant started in Brixton Village Market in the year 2011 with 30 locations and now it is listed among the best Brixton Market Restaurants. All the burgers out here are best in taste but their signature burgers are a big mistake to miss they are served with onion and rosemary fries, without a second thought, you should go for it.

Two young man runs Honest Burger restaurant and because of their independent minds and outstanding marketing strategies, this restaurant became one of the best burger points here. Their custom build patties with meaty hunks made with beef are loved by most people.

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Apart from usual burgers, you can also enjoy their chicken burgers along with mixed veggie fritters. The menu is the most affordable one that doesn’t require you to book your seats prior to your visit, but yes you have to face the long queues.

6. Kricket, Brixton

In comparison to other Indian restaurants in Brixton Market, Kricket is a Mumbai-inspired eatery that has innovated a lot with a wide range of classic dishes.

Dinner is served here immediately beneath the railway arches, so you can enjoy your meal while listening to trains and eating the puri. Also, chef Will Bowlby uses this establishment as a test kitchen for his more unusual modern Indian creations. This restaurant invites you with open arms, if you want to hog on some Indian food.

7. Pop Brixton

Shipment containers were used to construct the street-lighting food market known as Pop Brixton, which was made possible by the contributions of regional vendors and small, independent enterprises.

This restaurant also serves as a center of the community that works to improve the area.

Get in line for snacks from Love Churros, island flavors from Caribe, or a 100% organic bleeding burger from Halo Burger since the crowd noise here rises in the evenings with alcohol.

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The People’s Fridge is another project conducted by this restaurant, where anyone can take free food that has been left over or left over from local bakeries, supermarkets, eateries, and homeowners.

By putting the food out and distributing it for free, this novel concept decreases wastage and spreads surplus foods that could otherwise go to waste and provide meals for the poor and the homeless. Hence, while dining at Brixton Market Restaurants, stop by these independent but socially conscious establishments.

8. Chishuru

Are you craving some African cuisine? Chishuru, a West African eatery in Brixton Village, is here to provide you with the food you won’t soon forget. Although Adejoké “Joké” Bakare has one of the kindest faces, don’t be fooled by that.

Her spirit is unmatched in the kitchen. Her signature dishes are a must-try at Brixton Market Restaurant, including chargrilled cauliflower with wine, pesto topped with pumpkin seeds, and scorching scotch bonnet sauce.

Do you love constant change and adventure? If yes, this restaurant is a place, made for you because its menu is never the same.

Nevertheless, it is also the greatest place to toast your beverages because you can eat delicious suya and other Kurdish food there.

9. Kata Kata

Kata Kata restaurant offers you amazing food with a wide variety of cuisines that includes wild mushrooms, cheese, Jerk aubergine, and callaloo. But if you are a vegetarian not to worry here you can get good veggie options too.

And to your surprise here you can enjoy outdoor shack grills in the evening with a huge crowd of students, and musicians on the terrace of the restaurant.

10. The Laundry

The laundry still boasts about the operations it has offered for 110 years despite having been established for 110. Even though the business days are ended, the building is still bustling with laundry work, and chef Sami Harvey’s zeitgeisty seasonal small meals have taken the place of suits and linens.

Also, there are the recently introduced Sunday roasts, which include the creamy vegan pie and the crispy roasted potatoes. The Laundry consistently draws hip Brixtonites to its candlelit interior, which contrasts exposed-brick walls with blue booths, marble tables, dark wood, and statement lamps.

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The building with a restaurant named The Laundry began as just a laundry called an Edwardian washhouse. The history of this newcomer’s former life has been portrayed through the restaurant rather than hidden in space.

Chef Dylan Cashman, a Sydney native, created the restaurant’s menu. His sharing-style side dishes are influenced by the season and use as many organic ingredients as possible. The restaurant’s culture is fully embraced by the helpful employees who serve it.

Crisp croquettes that were seasoned with ham hock chunks and sweetened with carrots served as the first course. Pink Firs coated in a salt pastry and full-plate servings of carbohydrates are appropriately served.

A plate of slow-cooked belly pork with delightful layers of fat and crackling on top is one of the most well-liked dishes. Brussels sprouts, homemade yogurt, and the dish’s addictively sweet and tangy pickled red chilies served to balance the dish’s richness.

They offer a warm chocolate chip cookie baked to order for dessert. It was served well as a biscuit, but it was single, unadorned, and looked a little lonely on the plate when done to their customers, so they added a scoop of ice cream that made the £4 price tag feel more justified.

Along with the amazing food, the restaurant operates a wine bar serving an interesting list of bottles for you with a lean towards French vintages. Visit one of the best Brixton Market Restaurants to enjoy your meals.

11. Fish Wings And Tings

Fish Wings & Tings is another renowned restaurant in Brixton Market. Granville Arcade’s Fish Wings & Tings is famous for its jerk chicken, but it also offers a few other Caribbean dishes that you might not be familiar with.

The chef, Brian Danclair, is there to offer advice. The rotis stuffed with veggies and the kuchela fashioned from the spicy, sun-dried pulp of unripe mangos might persuade you to skip the poultry.

Fish, Wings & Tings is a fantastic place to start if your goal is to find Caribbean food in Brixton Village. Together with Jerk chicken, you may eat curried goat, seafood curry, scallop salad, and salt fish fritters. All of these dishes come with a mouthwateringly sweet mango sauce.

12. Brixton Outdoor Market

There are trucks at the open-air market offering anything from homemade bread and fresh fruits to Jamaican rum, traditional African beading, and hand-painted home goods. People rank this market as the greatest eatery in Brixton Market.

They are constantly buying, tasting, and haggling. From Electric Avenue, the market extends up to Pope’s Road and along the renowned Brixton Station Road.

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Around Brixton Market Row and Brixton Village are the indoor market portions, which include some of the greatest restaurants in the neighborhood as well as butchers and fishmongers.

It is the location of Franco Manca, a restaurant that is still going strong, Mamalan, which brought dumplings back to London’s menu, and Kao Sarn, whose BYOB policy has made it a Friday-night favorite.

If you are traveling from India and want to have some Indian food here, the Brixton Market Row is particularly bustling on weekends, so visit this market for a basic masala dosa with the crispy-edged, soft-centered variety you see on the streets of South India as well as wide expanses of paella.

Request a serving of socarrat or fill a tub with hearty Thai food to take with you.


So, when you visit Brixton Village next time and enjoy your food at the best Brixton Market restaurants in London, don’t forget to visit these best restaurants in Brixton Village.


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