12 Best Beaches in Malta

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The small Mediterranean archipelago has many choices. Typically, Malta’s “coasts of the sea” range from golden beaches to rocky shores. Most Maltais prefer these beaches due to their clearer water and clean shores.

The Maltese island is known for having the cleanest beaches in Europe, attracting top-ranked beaches from year to year. Many beaches surrounding the Maltese island have some of the cleanest bath waters in Europe with a 95 percent rating for excellent quality

Here is a list of 12 of the best beaches in Malta!

  1. Mellieha Bay

    How to Reach?

    5 to 10-minute drive away from Ċirkewwa.

Best of all family water sports, Mellieha Bay offers is of the best beaches in Malta and is mainly used by fishermen. Mellieha Bay has a length of 800 meters with Blue Flag certification. It slopes slightly making the water very shallow and it is an ideal beach to visit with young children.

As it is one of the best beaches in Malta, it offers many facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and sunbathes. This beach is known for watersports including windsurfing, kite surfing, waterskiing, canoeing, banana boating et parasailing.

The family-oriented beach has a sandy shoreline with gentle wave patterns without a current. Deep water covers an area quite large. The swimming pool is fenced from boats for safety. Mellieha bay or formerly Ghadira Bay is the biggest beach in Malta.

The Sands slope gently into the water, giving kids countless shallow water. The beach has several hotels at each end but the main road is between them and you can’t see them until you are soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm waters.

  1. Golden Bay Beach

    Best Beaches in Malta
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    How to Reach?

    20.4 KM distance from Malta International Airport.

The beautiful golden-sand coastline of Golden Bay is quite expansive. It has ample space to sit and relax while enjoying a sunbath. A shrubbery coastline is enclosed by a cliff that covers its surface and provides shelter in a windy climate.

The closest roads are not visible from the shore but traffic noise does not distract from the relaxing roaring sea breeze. Golden Bay stretches from the northern coast of the largest island and is ideal for referring to as the beach.

This is one of the 12 Blue Flag beaches of Maltese, so it is no surprise thousands of summer visitors visit the area. Sun chairs and umbrellas are available for hire and various beach huts provide cool drinks and ice cream products.

A very popular and one of the best beaches in Malta adjacent to the 5-star Golden Sands resort hotel located on the northwest coast of the Island Golden Bay is all the right place to enjoy the sun and sea.

The golden beach offers many water sports, from sailing to windsurfing and lifeguards. This Blue Flag Certified beach has many amenities and a beautiful turquoise Mediterranean sea. Due to its popularity and sandy characteristics, the beach is often quite busy during the warmer season. Simply, one of the best beaches in Malta.

  1. St Peter’s Pool

    Best Beaches in Malta
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    How to Reach?

    Take a Boat from Marsaxlokk to St Peter’s Pool or a Short Walk of 3 Kilometers.

Originally known as a secret of the community, St Peter’s Pool is a very popular destination and one of the best beaches in Malta, but it is surprisingly secluded from buses & trains. The walk starts a couple of minutes away and there are little fields and cherry trees along the way.

Tucked off in the Dalimara peninsula in southern Malta this idyllic limestone swimming hole will inspire you to grab a swim and dive immediately in. Due to its remote location, the hotel does not have a food and drink area.

There are many watersports to explore such as windsurfing, snowmobiling, and kayaking and there are also many loungers. The swimming area is popular with many visitors. Delimara Point is an isolated location on Malta’s southwest coast.

Within a calm protected bay, smooth rock surrounds translucent waters that are as calm as a pool, this is indeed one of the best beaches in Malta. A sunlit light shining over the waters shows stunning turquoise and blue hues.

  1. Gnejna Bay

    How to Reach?

    The drive from Sliema will take around 30 minutes.

Gnejna Bay, surrounded by rural Ghanjn Tuffyha Bay is through the countryside and near Mgarr. Gnejna Bay is very remote, similar to Ghajn Tuffieha Bay because of its steep rocks. To reach Gnajna Bay beaches you must walk up a steep staircase along a hill towards the shore.

Nature lovers will be pleased with the golden sandy beaches and crystal water. Gnejna Bay is one of those beautiful quiet beaches perfect for relaxing, swimming in, or snorkeling. But lifeguards are absent here.

Unlike other beaches, Gnejna Bay is multifaceted. Gnejna Bay is distinguished by its rough limestones and lush surroundings. You may trek up to the tower for a spectacular view. Its dramatic surroundings make it a lovely beach to visit.

It is notable for its peculiar clay slopes and limestone cliffs, which provide a difficult and dangerous climb down to the shore. The hotel features public restrooms, snacks, and restaurants renting chairs and umbrellas.

Unquestionably, It is one of the best beaches in Malta.

Which part of Malta has sandy beaches?

The main coast beaches and more sandy beaches have been found in the northern portion of Malta. Some of the best beaches in Malta, include Melliea Beach, Ghajnn Tuffiea, and Golden Bay. For smaller, quieter beaches they are located at Malta’s tip, with views over Gozo-Paradise Bay & Armier. The Inland sea here is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

  1. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

    Best Beaches in Malta
    Photo By Karl Paul Baldacchino From Unsplash

    How to Reach?

    The 44 bus, which takes 45 minutes from Valletta

It is situated within an impressive setting less than three miles from Golden Bay. Steady rock faces with steep hills surround the beach giving a sense of unspoiled naturality. The beach also looks isolated because the beach is easily reachable through 200 steps up the steps on stairs. Ghajn Tuffieha means ‘Apple’s eye’ in Maltese.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay features basic services that visitors can use, which include restrooms, snack bars, lounges for rent, and beach umbrella rental. Lifeguards are available during the summer. The beach offers a quiet peaceful ambiance. The sea is safe to swim.

The Ghajn Tuffaha is just across Golden Bay, This is a shorter section of white sand beaches that is more frequent and is not far from the major roadways. This is where your real beauty comes from on Maltese island.

This beautiful sandy bay is much less busy than its neighbor Golden Bay. This unspoiled spot is owned by Conservation NGO, however, the shore still offers basic amenities in the seasons, with a small snack bar, and an aquatic outlet. All these things make it one of the best beaches in Malta.

  1. Blue Lagoon

    Best Beaches in Malta
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    How to Reach?

    You may take bus number 41 or 42 for around 90 minutes.

Blue Lagoon is located on Comino’s tiniest island which is small enough with only five permanent inhabitants and one hotel. There are small white sand beaches in the blue sand area which makes it another one of the best beaches in Malta.

Blue Lagoon is a tourist attraction in Malta that is worth visiting. There are a couple of secluded coves and caves in nearby areas which can be explored with a boat or by boat from the blue lagoon. During the summer, Blue Lagoon feels like paradise.

The clear azure water evokes tropical qualities and gently laps the small sandy beach. Many sunbathers fill the sun loungers which are accessible throughout the day. A bright Aqua-Milanine Lake is located on Comino’s tiny island hidden between Maltese and Greek islands.

The Blue Lagoon has everything to do with the water, and sometimes its surroundings so boat trips are plentiful during this period. White sands make azure waters shine like no other. The crystal-clear seawater is an attractive place to dive for snorkeling. This is one of the most beautiful and is among the best beaches in Malta.

  1. Ramla Bay Beach

    How to Reach?

    It is accessible by two main buses, one from Victora Gozo and the other from Mgarr Gozo.

The paradise of Gozo is the largest sandy beach in Gozo known as the Ramla Beach in town due to the vibrant red sand. Ramla Beach has soft sand along with shallow clear water. When you do get bored of sitting on the beach the entire day, just 10 mins from Ramla Bay there’s Tal-Mixta cave in the center of the cave.

Ramla Bay sits at the foot of a verdant valley. This is one of the best beaches in Malta as you can enjoy the orange sand which is the ideal spot to enjoy the sun or go into the mud to explore the rocks. The surrounding areas are relatively inaccessible, with just a few small cafes offering refreshments before swimming.

Ramla is the ideal location to relax and have fun. Its large shoreline lies in fertile valleys with undulating hills with thriving agricultural areas. The surroundings are entirely non-developed with no restaurant or hotel.

Cliffs flank the coastline leading to the beach offering breathtaking views of Nadur – a historic hill-top village offering spectacular sea views or the Village Xaghra located in the vicinity of UNESCO-listed Gattis. It Truly is, one of the finest and the best beaches in Malta.

  1. San Blas Bay

    Best Beaches in Malta
    Photo By Azzedine Rouichi From Unsplash

    How to Reach?

    Flying with Air Panama will get you to San Blas.

San Blas Bay, known as a tiny replica of Ramla Bay, has been kept in its natural condition. Hidden in one of the most beautiful green valleys, the surrounding area has a large number of succulent lemons and cactus. The steep descent can discourage some visitors from visiting, but if you want the walk, you can find some very peaceful beaches!

A beautiful unspoiled little white sand bay lies at the end of one of Gozo’s more fertile valleys under the picturesque cliff. The steep path from the beach is kept away from overcrowded. One distinct feature of this beach is that it is located at the end of one of Gozo’s most picturesque valleys and is rarely crowded.

San Blas is remarkable and unique due to its reddish-orange color, rocky scenery, and shallow clean water. There is no structure, but you may relax on a towel beneath your umbrella.

The entire area has a steeper, rougher, and narrower road that leads down to the shore. A steep hillside pedestrian walkway with no handrails leads to the shore. A few meters from the shore, the bottom is deep.

  1. Armier Bay

    How to Reach?

    Armier Bay may be reached via taxi, bus, or ferry.

This peaceful, family-friendly beach is an attractive alternative to Mellieha’s more crowded beaches just 3 km away. Armier Bay is serene because of its distant and peaceful position within the countryside area making it one of the best beaches in Malta.

The beautiful beach in Armier Bay is covered with turquoise water. The waters are crystal clear with soft waves. The tourist facilities are relatively low compared to Mellieha Bay. However, there are plenty of snack shops, refreshments shops & restaurants for tourists. You may even rent water-sport gear and a pool umbrella.

It is a sandy bay with taverns and small eateries in front of Comino and Gozo. Beautiful position, however, it is exposed to the north winds, thus the waters can be turbulent at times. The white, Caribbean-style sand glows against the crystal blue ocean, making it one of the best beaches in Malta.

The blue crystal clear sea here is evocative of Comino’s famed Blue Lagoon. Because the beach is more remote, it is less crowded than surrounding beaches. Swimming is typically considered safe. The location is especially popular for picnics and barbecues in the winter.

  1. Pretty Bay

    How to Reach?

    It is 13 kilometres from Valletta and can be reached by bus.

The sandy shores at Pretty Bay in Birzebbuga were designed by developers and not by nature, As one of the best beaches on Malta’s southern coast that have sandy beaches, this is a favourite tourist destination. Because it is located in the town center, there are several stores and restaurants along the shoreline.

Pretty Bay beachfront is characterized by a green lawn and a shopping center filled with restaurants, cafes, snack bars, and sundries during the summer season. Pretty Bay Beach has public restrooms.

As it was previously a rocky beach area, the bay was artificially filled with sand reclaimed from the sea. Pretty Bay features a football field and a playground for children, and it is popular on weekends during the summer months.

You may also walk down the beach while pausing for a drink or ice cream at Birzebbugia. It is located rather far from tourist sites and is mostly utilized by locals. Here, you may spend some time alone as well as participate in various beach sports.

11. Mgarr ix-Xini

How to Reach?

Mgarr ix-Xini is accessible by bus or taxi from sannat or Xewkija.

Mgarr-Xini Bay has a tiny inlet surrounded by steep, rocky hills. Located in an isolated place, it attracts visitors with a unique and calm atmosphere. The crystal-clear waters in the Mgarr-Xini Bay offer a good opportunity to snorkel.

The hilltops can be reached by climbing. There are no beaches in Mgarrix-Xini Bay apart from a narrow shoreline with pebbles. A unique location that satisfies the absence of beaches. Located in the area there are no lifeguards or facilities to take guests.

The bottom is mostly sand, with tiny stones on the sides and Neptune grass meadows running through it. It is one of the most isolated beaches on the island of Gozo. Mgarr-Xini’s water is ideal for snorkeling and diving, as well as rock climbing in this peaceful and beautiful harbor.

There are numerous spots to leap from Mgarr ix-Xini, which is popular for diving. Divers flock to this spot because of the numerous fascinating caverns and adjacent wrecks. Mgarr ix-Xini is also one of the best beaches in Malta for underwater photography due to its beautiful waters, caverns, and abundant marine life.

  1. Paradise Bay

    How to Reach?

    Paradise Bay may be reached by bus or ferry.

The most picturesque spot on Malta, a white Sand Beach sits along the Marfa Peninsula near the ferry Gozo. Summer is filled with parasols and attracts weekenders and tourists. It is gentle in clear water with rocks for snorkeling.

Paradise Bay is one of the most beautiful and best beaches in Malta, with a magnificent sandy beach located within a natural cove and surrounded by a dramatic cliff-side landscape. provides breathtaking views of Malta’s most northern tip; the beach itself is cleaned regularly and is properly maintained.

Paradise Bay, made mostly of a limestone reef, is ideal for individuals seeking peace and tranquillity. The beach is also a famous location for beach parties, such as the LoveSexy event, which is hosted here every year. It’s a lovely location with lots of small nooks and crannies to explore.


Best Beaches in Malta
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There’s something to suit everybody: sunbathing, diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping, natural pools, or a relaxing vacation for families. Malta can seem incredibly small, though it has pristine beaches.

Malta offers a lot of activities and attractions. Despite its excellent beach life many times Maltese also enjoys breathtaking scenery on its varied coastline. Each island’s landscape is unique. These beaches attract crowded crowds because this region is a trendy summer getaway destination for visitors.

That concludes the list for the 12 best beaches in Malta.


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