Herm Island : 11 Amazing Things to Explore

Herm Island.
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Herm Island, a relaxing Holiday destination free from the crowd, is a peaceful oasis. It is just a 20-minute boat ride from St Peter Port in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which is one of the Channel Islands. If one wants to have a relaxing holiday, this is the best place in the British Isles. 

The Channel Islands is a British-dependent island off the French coast in the English Channel. It has beautiful, unspoiled beaches and sample island life. One can explore the natural coastline and take in spectacular views of neighboring islands and the French coast.

Herm Island has a permanent community of 65 residents, including families with children, and is one of the smallest inhabited Channel Islands. One can visit Herm Island to have no stress as this Island is far from the noise of any urban city. It offers a true view of Island Life.

11 Amazing Things to Explore in Herm Island

The jewel in the Channel Island’s crown, tiny Herm, lies just off the coast of Guernsey. It is called a paradise island because of its eye-catching beauty. One would love the peace and tranquility on this paradise island. A truly relaxing holiday destination in the British Isles, Herm Island does have everything to find true peace.

One has to organize everything, including ferry crossings, checking the weather condition, deciding where to eat and drink, and planning other activities before visiting Herm Island. Herm Island news, entertainment, and top stories can be obtained from BBC. Although small, Herm has a small post office that sells fascinating stamps, which have become collector’s items all over the world.

1. Shell Beach

This beach is known as Shell Beach because of the millions of tiny shells that the Gulf Stream has washed up along the shore. On Shell Beach, a well-stocked beach cafe offers everything you need for a sunny day, from ice cream and drinks to suntan lotion and inflatable toys.

Despite its popularity, Shell Beach never feels crowded since there is always room for everyone, especially during high tide. Shell Beach’s rock pools and boulder-strewn islets are revealed during low tide, delighting explorers of all ages.

Shell Beach is lovely and offers excellent swimming chances. The beach is the best beach on the east coast and prides itself on exemplifying tranquilly.

Herm Island
Picture by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexel

2. Herm Harbour

One can find the ferry docks at high tide either at the harbor or at low tide at Rosaire Steps, which is just a minute seaside stroll from this Harbour. Although situated near The Green and The Blue Bell Wood, it is a locality in Guernsey.

St Peter Port harbour is located in St Peter Port, the main port for passengers in Herm Island. Romans preferred using it as an anchorage, and it has been changed into an artificial harbour. German forces did not initially occupy Herm Island, one of the islands of Guernsey. Nazi Germany had its military occupation over the Channel Islands for most of the Second World War.

The Third Reich used Herm Island as a training ground for practice landings in preparation for the invasion of England by claiming it on July 20, 1940. The Island was purchased from the British Crown by Guernsey in 1949. Peter Wood was among the most influential tenants of the Island. He maintained the property between 1949-1980.

The remaining 40 years of their lease were put up for sale by the tenants of the Island in May 2008. In September 2008, the balance of the lease was acquired by the Starboard Settlement trust, and Herm Island ltd, a corporation domiciled in Guernsey, was established to operate Herm on behalf of the trustees.

The Herm is currently managed by Herm Island Ltd, formed by Starboard Settlement, which acquired Herm in 2008. It was occupied by German soldiers in the Second World War but was largely bypassed. It was first discovered in the Mesolithic period, and the first settlers arrived in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

3. White House Hotel

This is a special place where people come with their families to stay due to its homely ambiance. The White House hotel provides delightful separate bedrooms for every age group and your four-legged friends to enjoy a lovely Herm break. Most importantly White House hotel encourages one to cherish tradition with its amazing facilities.

It is a country house hotel with forty bedrooms. This is only one hotel on this Island where there are no televisions, telephones, or clocks. Only one TV in the hotel garden bar.

One can enjoy the swimming pool with refreshing tea and cocktails. You can also enjoy a game of croquet or tennis, pick from the extensive selection of board games and puzzles in the cabinet, read a book from the bookcase, or go to a local beach.

One can also stimulate his appetite with a sip in the Monk’s Bar or relax on a sofa in the cozy lounge with a good book of choice and a coffee in hand. The main restaurant’s food quality is quite good, and a conscious effort is made to focus on the indigenous product.

The Island is supported by a hard core of dedicated natives and a group of eager seasonal workers. People here are very inviting and enthusiastic about showing off the Island. One has to stroll up to Le grand Morceau to look out for the beautiful view on a warm April bank holiday. There are enormous eucalyptus trees and plenty of honeysuckle.

4. Sandy Beaches

Herm island has beautiful sandy beaches, shallow turquoise waters, deserted bays, and great hiking trails. This stunning Island has sandy paths to attract children who wind their way from one adventure to the next. The tiny Island can be covered entirely within a couple of hours.

5. Belvoir Bay

A nice, small, sandy beach, Belvoir Bay is a secluded sandy cove on the east coast of Herm Island. It gets plenty of shelter from the prevailing southwesterly winds due to its gently sloping cliffs to all sides. The peaceful sand of Belvoir Bay has a kiosk for snacks, drinks, and beach items. Every inch of the entire Island is steeped in history and mystery.

The whole ambiance of the Island is geared toward a peaceful and no-stress holiday. To reach this beautiful beach, walk along the cliff path from Rosaire, with views of Sark and Jethou, or take a steeper shortcut over the centre of the Island. The café on this beach supplies a wide range of refreshments and beach goods.

Herm Island
Picture by Quique Vera from Pexel

6. Neighbouring Islands

One can have a spectacular view of the Neighbouring islands from Herm. To reach Herm, one can have a short boat trip or just 20 minutes trip by frequent Travel Trident ferry from St Peter Port in Guernsey. The ship starts either from Weighbridge or Inter-Island Quay, depending on tide levels. May and September are the months for the Travel Trident ticket office to remain open almost daily.

7. Day Trip

On a warm sunny day, you can either go for a walk around the coastal path or for a dip in the sea; Herm is the day trip from Guernsey. A relaxing day trip to Herm Island away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd is really exciting.

Ship inn is an extremely popular restaurant in Herm Island for visitors to sit out and enjoy drinks and lunch or supper on the patio on fine days or on days when the weather is not good. Its brasserie also offers excellent cuisine from the kitchens of The White House Hotel. The Ship Inn restaurant, situated as part of the White House Hotel in Herm, also has one pub that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and can cater to all diets and tastes.

8. Manor Village

Near Herm Harbour, this village is situated near Blue Bell Wood and is a hamlet in Guernsey. Fisherman’s beach is ideal because of its soft sand and endless rock pools, and for people who want to enjoy beautiful beaches with less time. One can enjoy this beautiful beach on the east coast of Herm Island, simultaneously enjoying the views of Guernsey.

8.1. Fisherman’s pub

An old cargo ship called the Mermaid Tavern was once used to transport goods to the Island. The Mermaid Tavern, which was formerly a fisherman’s pub, is well-known all year round for its upbeat, relaxed ambiance, especially during the hectic summer months when patrons may enjoy and drink in the sun while sitting outside in the courtyard. Additionally, it serves delicious pub fare inside as well as outside in the walled courtyard.

8.2. Herm Residents

This Island is less than half a mile wide(east-west) and is only 1.5 miles long(north-south). It has permanent residents who work and live on the Island all year round. The residents comprise 65 families with children. The island population rises up to 100 seasonal staff during peak season. But they are also accommodated comfortably on this Island.

9. Activities to Do

People enjoy Archery, Hire Kayaks and SUPs at Shell Beach. There is a lead community connector who visits the Island to hold the Talking Cafe in The Conservatory on a particular day within a time frame for a drop-in session. They speak to Herm residents on different matters to connect them to support any particular matter.

The residents can meet new people, make new friends, and chat with Talking Cafe Host volunteers about activities, support, and services in the local community at the weekly Talking Cafes. One can build sandcastles and paddle in the sea in the safe and clean environment of the turquoise blue water that gently laps the glistening white sand. Herm is a beautiful place to go camping.

10. Alderney Point

This point stands directly south of the Isle of Portland and is the Island’s northernmost point. One can enjoy the surroundings of Herm Island with a kayak and stand-up paddle boards. Within a leisurely couple of hours, one can walk around the whole coastal path of the Island and enjoy its beauty. One Church, St Tugual’s, is a beautiful little Church located at the top of the hill from the Herm harbor.

There are numerous accommodation facilities to suit all tastes if one chooses to stay on the Island. One could take a quick stroll on the beaches and experience the delightful coastline. With an average daily temperature of above 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the summer months in Herm last from June 20 to September 21. The temperature is maximum in August.

The travel sites for Herm Island use non-essential cookies to collect anonymous information to help one to know how their customers use the website. The Chief Executive of Herm is unsure of the future plans for the Island’s travel service.

11. Children’s Menu

The turquoise sea around Herm Island is the best feast for the eye. One will be tempted to swim in the sparkling blue water of the beautiful sea. There is also a children’s menu for tiny diners in Ship Inn restaurant and an abundance of fresh fish, Shellfish, and salads.

The island life is, on the whole, good. As in any community, the more you put in, the more you enjoy life. In this small community, islanders must follow a good moral and sober code of behavior and have due regard for other islanders’ peace and privacy. The Island has abundant bird life, so cats are not normally allowed. The Island is exceptionally clean and free of dog fouling, and dogs are normally not permitted.

Islanders enjoy free travel under the charter agreement with Trident Travel, a fast catamaran service direct to St Peter Port harbour. The service is almost hourly in summer, with a restricted wintertime service. Islanders are fortunate that Guernsey has first-class medical facilities. Herm has its own ‘first aid team’ backed up by an excellent Marine Ambulance.

Many islanders travel to Guernsey on the Saturday and Wednesday shopping boats that provide a convenient service throughout the year. School children can’t travel daily to Guernsey. Children start school at the age of five, and on finishing Herm school at the age of nine, children go for the weekly board in Guernsey. There are public toilets that are marked around the Island. They are located in Harbour village and on the coastal path.

Visiting Herm Island will always be the finest experience. One would fall in love with its mesmerizing natural beauty. It exhibits features of special interest. Not only can Herm Island provide overnight hotel stays but also one can set up camp for a week. Thus, Herm has options for every holiday. Herm island is the perfect place for all age groups. It is just 3 miles from Guernsey and accessible in only 45 minutes by boat. Not only is Herm beautiful, but also it is a place where your worries are washed away.

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