10 Fun Things to Do in Dublin this year

Dublin city
by Sean MacEntee/ flickr 2022.

 Dublin is and has always been the attraction for tourists and neighborhood cities once you enter in the city of Dublin you will find many things to look at and places to explore. The city of Dublin is the capital of Ireland with a population of 1,256,000 in the current year.

It has many attractions and fun things to do in Dublin, from its love for literature to the craziness for whisky. Irish people do know how to enjoy themselves within their culture and society and also give small yet impactful glimpses to the people around the world.

Here let’s have a look at 10 fun things to do in Dublin.

10 Fun Things to do in Dublin this Vacation 

  1. Guinness storehouse

  2. Dublin castle

  3. The temple bar

  4. Phoenix park

  5. Irish whiskey museum

  6. Dublin City centre

  7. Museum of Literature Ireland

  8. Wicklow Mountains

  9. St. Patrick’s cathedral

  10. National Botanic gardens

Let’s explore all of these amazing places briefly.

Guinness Storehouse

fun things to do in dublin
by Tinou Bao/ Flickr 2022.

Opened in the year 2000 the Guinness storehouse has gained a lot of popularity and now is the major attraction in Dublin city. You can always find a lot of people and tourists as they keep visiting even bring more people with them to explore and taste the world-famous beer.

This seven floors storehouse is located in ST. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin city, all these seven-floor are functioning and offering different views.

Different floors and different things

On the first floor here, you will find ingredients for the great Guinness beer which are water, barley, hops, and yeast. To taste the beer, you need to go to the second floor and even sample beer, more so ever on other floors, you will find many types of beers and also the advertisement which has been same from over the years. The most impressive thing is Dublin serves the most expensive pint of Guinness in the world. Just like Dublin if you want to know explore and explore Europe but with a stable budget then you should check The Cheapest Cities In Europe.

At the top of the building of the Guinness Storehouse, there is a bar called the Gravity Bar, the 46 meters high Gravity bar is gaining popularity quite fast now, providing the best view of Dublin city. From Queen Elizabeth to some outstanding celebrities like Tom Cruise have visited to enjoy at the Gravity Bar in the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin city.

The opening time of Guinness Storehouse is 10 A.M to 5 P.M there is a little rush during weekends but all over very convenient. Moreover, kids can visit Guinness Storehouse but only with some adult age 18 or above.

Dublin Castle

things to do in dublin
by David Stanley/ Flickr 2022.

One of the major attractions in Dublin city is Dublin castle. Right now, the Dublin Castle is a prominent government complex and tourist attraction in Dublin city. the Dublin Castle is used for stare events, occasions, and presidential inductions. If you are willingly looking for visiting the Dublin Castle, then you must know the initial ticket price to wonders around and inside the Castle.

To explore the place, you need 7 euros for grown-ups and 3 euros for kids.

History of Dublin Castle

Going back to history and records we can discover about the Castle and how it has worked. Built by king john of England. We know why and by whom the Dublin Castle is used, however, you are also going to know about the past. So, before the castle was served as headquarters, for British and England, management in Ireland but in 1922 the Dublin Castle was handed to the Irish government and as a result, it is currently a big government complex.

Located in Dame St, Dublin 2, the Castle is had been used for distinct purposes, but the inner attractions are all that makes it still from thousands of years and become a popular tourist attraction. This is why Dublin Castle is counted among some of the fun things to do in Dublin city.

The Temple Bar

things to do in dublin
by Ricardo Gonzalez/ Flickr 2022.

Have you ever tasted whisky? okay maybe you have, but here at the temple bar you can have over 450 different rare kinds of whiskies and making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dublin city.

Established in 1840 the world-class famous temple bar and located on the south bank of the Liffey River which is central Dublin. Moreover, laying out on contriving pedestrian lanes is found busy all the week but it gets most hyped on weekends.

The atmosphere here is awesome and if you love music then you must appear here and enjoy the live music. With only few pints of beer a tourist can get emerged into Dubliners, although the beers and drinks are little pricey.

Hungry for cuisine?

Looking for the fun things which you can do here in the temple bar are the delicious food and three different cuisines which are Asian, American, and Irish. Here in the temple bar pub, you can also enjoy live folk music and explore the temple bar gallery plus studios.

This massive and most popular tourist attraction temple bar is owned by Tom Cleary. However, due to the covid-19, the temple bar was closed for some time, but it is now back in business with the owner’s response saying that the pub is a part of their cuisine.

Phoenix Park

things to do in dublin
pic by Alain Rouiller/ Flickr 2022.

In the city of Dublin, you can find many places, pubs, and restaurants and spend days and nights exploring and visiting these places. However, in the end, what will relax your mind is peace, a quiet environment, and a place to clean your mindset than can visit phoenix Park and have a look at the wildlife natural beauty of Dublin city.

Why Phoenix Park?

Phoenix Park is the largest park in the European capital city and is 5 times bigger than London’s Hyde Park which is spread over 1752 acres. It is also the eighth biggest urban park in Europe Just like the size and popularity of Phoenix Park. It is also famous for its unique name which is named after a bird’s breed.

People may think that there is an expensive ticket price to enter the park but the truth is it is free and for every single day all the year.

The Phoenix Park was created in 1662 and it was said that the Phoenix Park was even bigger in the 70 and it was spread to the Liffey. Looking back at the history of Phoenix Park, this park was basically used for royal hunting in 1660s but in 1740s Phoenix Park took place as a public park.

If we talk about the animals in Phoenix Park then you can see many animals here and one of the most popular, yet amazing things is that Phoenix Park has 400 Fallow Deer among the rest other animals because in the entire Ireland there are 10,000 estimated Fallow Deer.

Irish Whiskey Museum

Over the last decade, Dublin city has shown its best places and better things to do in Dublin city and one of them is the Irish whiskey museum, which is located at 199 Grafton Street, Dublin, D02 E620, Ireland has now become a favorite place for visitors and most popular tourist attractions.

Things to do in Dublin
by Sean O’Neill/Flickr 2022

Irish whiskey museum before the popularity

Even before gaining its popularity the Irish Whisky Museum only had four distilleries and a few visitors’ centers. However, during and after the popularity of the Irish Whiskey Museum the number of distilleries and visitors’ centers has increased. Now the Irish Whisky Museum has become the world’s fastest-growing spirit and has all self-reliant whisky distilleries.

Keith McDonnell is the founding partner of the Irish Whisky Museum; he has done a great job of handling a team of around 90 experienced people and maintaining the popularity of the museum by focusing on what the visitors and tourists are looking for.

The history of the Irish is unbelievably amazing and the same goes for the history of whisky which is originally invented by the Irish. It was also said that Scotland was the one who invented whisky, but it is not true, Scotland got taught by the Irish who is the initial inventor of whisky. However, the Irish name of whisky was ishkya beha.

In the 80s it was confirmed that Irish whiskey had controlled at least 70 percent of the world’s whiskey market. it is also true that in London 2/3 sold whisky was Irish. Being the capital and the center Dublin was the main production place for whisky. It’s not like you cannot find any good whiskey in your country or other country but for the best whiskey in the world you must visit Dublin.

Dublin city Centre

Things to do in Dublin
by Les Haines/Flickr 2022.

The city of Dublin has various places and things to explore and one of them is Dublin’s city center. The city center has many things but can be called an exception of the Dublin city because the city center has tight streets and rest of the streets in Dublin are slightly bigger, here the same goes for people you can find the city center a bit chaotic.

What can you Find?

The Dublin city center is a place where people want to go and relax in easy-going life here in the city center and for that, you will see shops, bars, clubs, nightclubs, etc. Just like the other places the city center is also in demand when it comes to tourists that is the reason why you can find distinct people one can also find shopkeepers and people arguing due to language differences.

We all know music and drink remain in the heart of Dublin’s local people. City Centre bars and pubs tell the same story with a tiny hint of ancient Dublin life. People who want to go to the city center should adopt the only grand route which is O’ Connell Street with lesser people and enough space and it is also the main street in Dublin city.

Lastly, in the Dublin city center there are two main shopping streets. During the day here one can do the shopping and at the night they have nightclubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants.

Kilmainham Gaol

Things to do in Dublin
by Laura LaRose Flickr 2022.

So far, we have known about famous places and most talked things, but have you ever visited a place to see a prison? fortunately, I know the answer that none of us have done that, but Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol is the most attractive among other attractions in Dublin. The Kilmainham Gaol is a popular museum that was a prison before located in Kilmainham, Dublin, Ireland.

The popularity of Kilmainham Gaol has even made itself to get featured in many movies and music videos some of these movies are Sitting target, The last remake of Beau geste, The whistleblower, and many other movies. you will be amazed to know that your favorite movie Harry Potter is also filmed in Ireland to know about those places check Wondering Which Are the Harry Potter Filming Locations? Explore It’s 8 Fascinating Locations.

Kilmainham the Prison

Things to do in Dublin
by Larry Koester/Flickr 2022.

Established in 1796 the Kilmainham Gaol has a great history with the prisoners and the haunting beauty of its cells. It is said that there was no detachment of cells for different genders and for the different age groups. in kept five prisoners in one cell without any source of light or heat but only a single candle which may have to last for 14 days. This condition was even poor for females because they didn’t have something to sleep on.

In the Kilmainham Gaol, you can find the history of common prisoners as well as those who have fought for freedom and war. In the list of imprisoned people, we can see common people yet many particular politicians.

Museum of Literature Ireland

Short for MoLI the Museum of Literature Ireland is opened in 2019 and has received large popularity within the country as well as around the world too. The Museum of Literature Ireland is majorly existed because of James Joyce, with the purpose of displaying his collection.

Who is James Joyce?

Things to do in Dublin
by Mark Healey/Flickr2022.

Born on 2 February 1882 in Dublin, Ireland the great James Joyce was a novelist and was famous for his experimental use of language and for exploring new literary methods in different approaches except the part of being a novelist James was also known for being a socialist. James is now an inspiration for all young and passionate writers and poets in Dublin city.

Before the Museum of Literature Ireland, James Joyce’s collection was stationary in the National Library of Ireland but somehow, they escaped from it and then National Library and the University College Dublin came to a conclusion to relive the literary and exhibit James Joyce’s work in the Museum of Literature Ireland.

Writing books, short stories, novels, and poems are lives in the heart of Irish people and if you turn the page, you will find many famous and well-known artists from Dublin, Ireland, and some popular actors too. Here at the Museum, you can find three floors the first and second floor is full of books, novels, and other kinds of literature uses but the third floor is for office purpose only.

Wicklow Mountains

Things to do in Dublin
by Don Gelo/ Flickr 2022.

After visiting the above-mentioned places, the Wicklow Mountains can be your next step toward greenery and wildlife. The Wicklow Mountains is a national park in Ireland is located in the very south of Dublin city. It is the only largest park among the other six national parks in Ireland’s capital.

Have attracted many Visitors

Established in 1991 the Wicklow mountains are compelling with the thought of conservation of biodiversity and landscape. Wicklow is a county town south of Dublin and is called the garden of Ireland. Why? well, why not Wicklow has been a major attraction for tourists and if any place in a country is capable of attracting tourists, then the country will definitely approve of it. It is weird but truthful the Irish meaning of Wicklow is “church of the toothless one”.

Things to do in Dublin
by Tambako The Jaguar/Flickr 2022.

Right after its establishment, Wicklow mountains earned a lot of visitors well, why not, because these mountains are an irreplaceable spot for all tourists and visitors one of them for their irresistibility is that they are one and only to be found in the east of the country.

Lately, there are some events here in the Wicklow mountains such as programs for education purposes just as a field trips with ensuring the safety of students and teachers. Visitors can also enjoy some activities like picnics, climbing, bouldering, barbeques, etc.

St. Patrick’s cathedral

For the peace of mind and terms to spend time with god what is great than St. Patrick’s cathedral. St. Patrick first took place with the thought of specifying it for locals as a church but in 1870 “St. Patrick” become a cathedral.

Things to do in Dublin
by Mike Norton/Flickr2022.

Established in 1191 St. Patrick’s cathedral is the national cathedral of the churches in Dublin, Ireland. As the largest cathedral in Ireland St. Patrick is known for its deans, all the deans here are very much known and one of them is Jonathan swift.

Jonathan Swift

Do you know that the world’s famous book Gulliver’s Travels is written by Jonathan Swift and was first published in the year 1726? Well, that’s true Jonathan Swift was dean of the St. Patrick cathedral from 1713 to 1745 which was also the year of his last breathing.

The purpose of this cathedral is to highlight the past of Ireland and the Irish people but also to contribute to Jonathan swift for being a writer as well as a satirist. Visitors and tourists came here to take a look at the history and to see the figure of Jonathan swift.

National Botanic gardens

Things to do in Dublin
by William Murphy/Flickr 2022.

The National Botanic garden in Dublin is also one of the main attractions and majorly visited place by tourists and native citizens. One of the reasons for its popularity is the structure of the gardens and one other reason is its beauty which is spread over 48 acres. The National Botanic gardens are mind-blowing, founded in 1795 these gardens are gaining more and more popularity day by day.

The National Botanic gardens are located in Glasnevin, 5 km northwest of Dublin, Ireland, its open every single day to not disappoint tourists and visitors. if you go back to the structure, you will find how beautiful the garden is and the credit goes to Richard Turner who designed the beautiful Botanical Gardens.

What’s in there?

These gardens have contributed to the conservation of biodiversity and are counted in for sustainable development. The botanical gardens are the 7th most visited place in Dublin and are popular attractions.

What is better than free entry in the National Botanic gardens, but you may find a little rust on Saturdays and Sundays? The main and most prominent thing you will find here is the variety of plants, they have around 20,000 living plants, several greenhouses and uncountable dried plants representation.

The Best Place

For a tourist and traveller nothing is more important than capturing all the fun things and to learn about the history and popularity of a place they have visited and here in the Dublin city

You will find all the great things to do, from tasting beers and dancing on the local Irish music to spending some time in St. Patrick’s cathedral and reviewing the history everything is mind-blowing and attractive.

Mostly, Dublin is famous for the world’s rare whiskey and beers but just as the years have passed more places have been coming into the site of people and it has changed people’s mentality toward Dublin. It’s not hard to believe that Dublin city is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and a hotspot for music lovers. Even if you are a tourist or a Dubliner you can have fun and enjoy the culture of Dublin city to the fullest till you satisfy your wants here in Dublin city. 

All these above-described places are enough to narrate Dublin and enough to clarify that you must visit Dublin city once in your life. 

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