10 Best Beaches in Lisbon!

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Beaches in Lisbon have emerged as the most attractive city break in Europe. While the capital is known for its azulejo-tiled façade, pastés de nativs and rumbling trams, many tourists love to visit its beach. The shoreline stretching out of town contains some of Portugal’s most beautiful sandy stretches.

Beaches in Lisbon are among Europe’s finest. Below mentioned are some of the best beaches in Lisbon!

  1. Praia de Carcavelos

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The startling spring season is when Lisbon residents pack their beach bags and flock to Carcaselo, the most popular beach north along the Tiguana. Easy to access via rail from the city centers of Lisbon, this commercial beach is a pleasure that cannot be ignored.

It has a wide area of honey-colored sand surrounding a rowing restaurant and bar on the 1.5 km promenade above the beach. The beach bar here in the summer is the ideal refuge from the sun and serves cocktails, smoothies, and more under large red umbrellas.

A few good beaches make Carcavelos a good location for seasoned and experienced surfers to learn the basics. Carcavelos features good medium-sized waves perfect for beginning to intermediate surfers or bodyboarding. One of the amazing Beaches in Lisbon.

Carcavlos beach is located 17 kilometers south of the city center of Lisbon and is one of the most well-known and popular beach breaks in Portugal. Everyone can easily visit this beach. July and August are the hottest, while January and February are the coldest.

  1. Praia do Tamariz

Estoril is the main destination for James Bond lovers and is an urban city on the coast of Portugal, about 25km west of Lisbon.

This is not surprising since this village’s main beach; the Praia do Tamariz, has the traditional elegance encapsulated with a beautifully decorated Forte da Cruz.

Tamariz is presently one of the most popular beaches along the coast of Lisbon. There are various pubs and restaurants on the beach, as well as a gorgeous coastal promenade that leads to Cascais.

The beach features a 380-meter-long beachfront, with the nicest sand on the eastern side. Truly, one of the best beaches in Lisbon.

The Forte da Cruz is located behind the beach. Lifeguards, showers, and umbrellas are available for hire at the beach. It is a lovely spot to cool yourself from the hot sun in the Portuguese capital.

  1. Praia dos Galapinhos

 beaches in lisbon
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Nestled among the dramatic background of Arabia National Park, amid a vast wilderness, lies the postcard-worthy Praia do Galapinhos.

It is set on a hillside on a cliff and hides the world of civilization. Naturally, it is among the best beaches in Lisbon.

The picture-book beach of this beautiful location won the 2017 European Best destination for best beaches in Europe. The tropical islands feel possess a distinctively different atmosphere based on the dense forests surrounding them.

Rocks line the ice-blue waters stretching across the vast oceanic seas. The waters here are quieter; the waves gently lap the soft sand.

This is a real paradise that is less congested than other locations. It is a wonderful beach in an intact natural setting that is distinguished by being a calm beach with pristine seas and white sand in turquoise tones.

There are several vistas, caverns, hiking routes, and other attractions. Summertime, from June through August, is the finest season to visit the beach.

Thousands of tourists head into the faraway Serra Da Arrabida, the craggy mountains of which there are several trails. The untouched coast has an even higher lure.

Praia dos Galapinos is often described as one of the great beaches in Lisbon for tourists from all over Europe. This quiet bay, tamed with crystal clear waters, offers an ideal spot for snorkeling.

  1. Costa da Caparica 

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Costa da Caparica coastline is a 15-kilometer-long stretch of dune-backed dunes that appears to go on forever. It’s one large beach that has been separated into many portions.

Costa da Caparica is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent areas in Lisbon. You may be certain of finding surfable conditions with excellent quality waves most of the time.

The consistent waves make it a popular surfing site. The greatest time to visit Costa da Caparica is from April to May when the crowds are minimal, and the weather is pleasant.

Most days are bright and sunny, with temperatures suitable for a day at the beach. This beach is crowded with residents and combines tranquility and vibrancy.

Costa da Caparica’s proximity to Lisbon is just 4 kilometers. So, in terms of distance, it’s near. Accommodation is quite reasonable in this area, and there are many great restaurants and places to stay. All things combined, it is one of the best beaches in Lisbon.

  1. Praia da Conceiço

The Cascais have largely become Portugal’s favorite beachfront spot. Cascais today is considered to be one of the wealthiest locations in all of the Iberian Peninsula. The patterned tiles resemble waves echoing the movement, and the shady White House makes Cascais an ideal day trip destination.

Its main beach, the Praia de Conceito, lies close to the historic center but provides views of the gaff of masts and sails that form the marina. The ocean is clear, with an extensive stretch of sandy beach leading towards the lapping wave.

The water is bright blue, and there are normally few to no waves, making it ideal for snorkeling. This beach is also child-friendly, making it an excellent alternative for families. There are lifeguards on duty to ensure everyone’s safety.

This beach is one of the favorite beaches in Lisbon and is among the tourists since it has beautiful golden beaches, clear waves, and a variety of services. With a 290m beachfront, this is the longest expanse of sand in the Cascais area.

  1. Praia de São Pedro

The São Pedro do Estoril beach is a vast sand strip in Estoril that is popular with residents and visitors throughout the summer. The beach, which is 3,5 kilometers long and located in a pine tree forest environment, is part of a natural forest park and is popular with nudists, surfers, and young people.

Its thin strip of fine sand leads to a rocky beach, which forms a series of tidal pools when the ocean recedes at low tide, drawing people of all ages and making it ideal for families.

The entire site is ideal for breathtaking ocean views and the Estoril scenery. During the summer, this beach is monitored and offers medical assistance, bathrooms, showers, and nearby bars.

The Atlantic Ocean bathes this Oceanic Beach in the northern hemisphere. The beach is limited to the east by a pier and Pedra do Sal, a rocky outcropping west.

The sea waters generate extremely huge waves, drawing many surfers. There are sunken stone structures in the swimming area.

Praia do Conceiço is one of the most popular beaches along the island’s coastline, which locals and visitors appreciate. The beach is made of golden sand and some rocky parts.

  1. Praia da Figueirinha

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The longest beach in the Arrábida Natural Park is 1km long. During the summer months, lifeguards patrol this beach’s sandy landscape to protect guests’ safety. This beach’s large sand, a calm sea, easy accessibility, and surrounding beauty.

It is distinguished by the presence of a lengthy sandbar that appears at low tide and across which one may walk into the sea.

Praia do Figueirinha also features a seaside bar and restaurant, toilets, and showers to keep you entertained. The beach is a sight to see, with the beautiful high slopes of the Serra de Arrábida.

Because the sea is normally calm, Figueirinha has become a popular beach during summer. The water is freezing, but the vistas are breathtaking.

There is also a volleyball net and a football field for individuals who enjoy sports. The beach is 3 kilometers from Setbal’s center and can only be reached by vehicle or foot.

This beach features a long sandy beach that extends into the sea at low tide by a sand tongue, creating a cove where windsurfing is popular.

  1. Praia de São Julião

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Caparica Azure water, falling waves, and whitewashed beaches define  Praia De São Julião, the popular summer home for locals and tourists.

Natural, unspoiled taste has become contemporary through many swanky beachfront restaurants and bars, all set on gently sloping beaches and rustling seagrasses.

Praia de São Julião is a popular and luxurious beach on the Caparica coast.Come here around sunset to see surfers catching waves and the sun setting in the water.

The cliffs near the parking lot provide a stunning vista. Because it lacks facilities, it is a favorite nudist beach.

The high waves crashing on So Julio Beach offers ideal conditions for surfing and bodyboarding, making it ideal for long walks down the beach. Truly one of the nicest beaches in Lisbon.

  1. Praia do Guincho

Long since a Blue Flag destination, Praia do Guincho lies north of Cascais with the northwest wind blowing Atlantic waves over golden sands.

A great Lisbon surfing destination, a regular host of international windsurfing competitions, is offered here. There’s a water-sport rental center, and the Guincho Bar offers chilled cocktails where the parties spill out into the sandy beaches.

Grab a bean bag and enjoy pirihana as the sun sinks on the beach. The regular bus routes are six kilometers from Cascais. There may be accommodation near the resort for surfing. Undoubtedly, one of the best beaches in Lisbon.

Dunes and Mediterranean flora surround this 1km-long beach between Cascais and Sintra. The Praia do Guincho is a beautiful beach within the spectacular Serra de Sintra hills.

It is a reasonably scalable place appropriate for both beginners and expert surfers. The beach has both left and right options. The peaks are numerous, and some reef waves are in a few spots on the beach.

On the other hand, the persistent winds and isolated position of the beach ensure that it is never crowded. The popular beach Bar do Guincho, a bar and restaurant with outdoor seating open all year is also located here.

  1. Praia da Ursa

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Praia de Ursa can be difficult to get to – but worth the effort. It is accessible with ease via a steep descent over a scree-covered slope without the crowding of visitors and crowds.

It has about 50 meters wide and is one of our favorite Lisbon beaches when sunsets come in. It is on the list of the finest beaches in Lisbon.

It’s one of the most gorgeous beaches in Portugal, yet it’s sometimes desolate. It’s immediately next to Cabo da Roca, making it the westernmost beach in mainland Europe.

The waves and currents of the Atlantic may be quite dangerous here. Despite being only 40 kilometers west of Lisbon, Praia da Ursa remains a hidden gem.

The world-class beach is difficult to get to, and the walk is poorly indicated. Most visitors are terrified of climbing down the cliffs.

Thus, this beach is little more than a brief layover where they may picture these instagrammable rocks. Because it is wild and untouched, it is an unauthorized natural beach.

It’s rarely too cold here, and the weather is always good during the day. Because the water is frigid, this is a beach for photographing and sunbathing rather than swimming because there are no amenities.


 beaches in lisbon
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The beaches in Lisbon provide a paradise along the Atlantic shoreline with white sandy beaches, turquoise water, easy access, and everything your holiday needs.

Most beaches are easily accessible by walking from the nearest railway line. Most of Lisbon’s accessible beaches are Blue Flag beaches, which are considered environmentally friendly and environmentally sustainable.

Lisbon is characterized by a relaxed lifestyle and a somewhat tropical vibe – much of the charms of this city are due to its proximity to an array of beautiful sandy beaches and the sea.

Many beaches surrounding the city are wild and undeveloped, and their warm waters provide perfect relief from the hot summers.

In Lisbon’s proximity to beautiful beaches, it is difficult to find a tourist that can combine the joy of a city trip to Lisbon with relaxing holidays at the beach destination.

The beaches of Lisbon are easily accessible via public transportation, making them ideal for an overnight stay.


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